Timing Computer-Auto Co., Ltd.

Timing Computer-Auto Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of every kind of laboratory dyeing machines and laboratory dosing system, supply technique inquiry service for customs.

Besides, with practical dyeing experience of more than 20 years, we can utilize assistant design by with AUTO CAD in dexterity going with program controlling, consistence machinery and computer with introduce advanced technique to achieve utmost for perfect dyeing and it was provided with modernize dye process for dyeing and chemical fiber industrially in overseas.

# Main Products
1 Laboratory dyeing machine 
2 laboratory metal heat conduct dyeing machine
3 Rotary glycerol dyeing machine 
4 Infrared rays dyeing machine 
5 Oscillating type dyeing machine 
6 Pneumatic type padding mangle machine 
7 Mine dryer  
8 Precision convection oven tester 
9 Automatic Metering Machine for Assistants
10 Setting machine resin automatic dyestuff dispenser system
11 Indicator system for dyestuff position
12 Dyestuff/Agent Computer Weighing System
13 Laboratory Dyestuff Parts